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Buy your Coral Spa Gift Vouchers now and use them to book your tickets later!

Gift voucher for Coral Spa and use of Pools (includes use of Giant Waterslides during Family fun with flumes sessions)

Valid for 9 months from Purchase, gift voucher code can be used more than once until full value has been redeemed.

When purchasing multiple gift vouchers for different people, please do so in seperate transactions, otherwise the different vouchers will show on the same confirmation email.

Gift vouchers are for online redemption only and cannot be transferred or refunded. Vouchers can only be redeemed against a Coral Spa admission only (Coral spa with flumes sessions) and cannot be redeemed against retail or food/beverage items. Voucher cannot be resold and cannot be redeemed for cash. Redemption of this gift voucher is for online ticket prices at time of booking (these are subject to change from April 1st 2022)

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